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Fiffe comix!!!

In the spirit of getting back into this blogging thing, I'm going to be forcing some semblance of structure onto myself and starting a post series. Over the next two weeks I'll be having something like one post per day on the comics of Michel Fiffe, as pictured above. I'll probably have posts on other things and people in there too, but it's going to be heavy on the Fiffe. Anyway, I'll chit-chat about a variety of things, from Fiffe's newest comic, Copra, to the one that I myself first heard of and which seems to be his most personal: Zegas. I'll talk the dry brush and the design language, the deep humanity and the ridiculous action; the whole kitten-caboodle, basically.

As I said above, I first heard of Michel Fiffe because of Zegas. I've long since forgotten how I became aware of it, but I have vague memories of browsing and bookmarking Fiffe's Etsy store years ago when Zegas Number One was the only comic in there. And of course I didn't buy the comic because I'm an idiot and because I, well, I didn't really know what it was, I guess. I was a bit of a different comics reader then, and it's hard to remember all the specifics now.

The last few years have seen three more comics show up in that store (assuming I didn't miss anything; I may well have), two of which have seen some good coverage by folks like Chris Sims and Tim Callahan and more. Zegas Number Two seems to have seen slightly less coverage by the bloggery folks (again, I've probably missed things) and it and its predecessor are the comics I hope to dig deepest into over the next two weeks or so.

But still, all of these comics are treasures. Deeply, fractalistically encoded and the product of years of of dedication and practice. Highly chaotic, yet still aesthetically unified, each quite rather different and each yet still quite clearly of the same hand and eye. Such beautiful tension to these comics. For someone from my generation, with a modern worldly fusion to our comics upbringing, but with still some nostalgia for the possibilities inherent in the super-genre, this is the good stuff. The strong stuff. The stuff from Earth-2 where all of the comics are this good and this individual and diverse.

So join me please, dear reader, over the next couple of weeks, as we zoom into the world of Michel Fiffe, from Habana '76 and sex and sibling relations and art-comix and possible Dash Shaw references to basic craft and style and layout.

Comics; alive and snarling. Kisses, ya'll.

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